Chevrolet Malibu is the best-featured car that has significantly advanced safety features. The car comes with basic features to ensure your safety, helping you to be alert while driving.

Below are the basic safety features of Chevrolet Malibu:

1.Antilock brakes
2.Stability control
3.Traction control
4.rear side airbags
5.side curtain airbags
6.Front knee and side airbags

All these systems guide and protect you when there are harmful or any endangered conditions while on the road.

The Malibu also has other advanced features that guide you more while in control, including:

  • OnStar: Alerts you on automatic crash warning and emergency assistance.
  • Teen Driver Mode: Enables you to set geographic speed and audio volume limits.
  • Driver Confidence 1: This system contains a chain of safety features like front and rear parking sensors, automatic high beams, and more.
  • Driver Confidence 2: Has an advanced crash moderation system that controls the brakes while at high speed and the adaptive cruise, which automatically contains your vehicle.


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